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Various Options for Traveling in Italy

One of the important parts when you have the plans for an Italian vacation is to decide about how you will get to Italy and on how you will get around it. The way with how you are going to travel actually adds more color with how you are going to travel in Italy. If in case you are in search for some options for your Italy transport, discover more below on the several options which are available.

Consider Flying

There’s a high chance that you are going to arrive in Italy through plane. If you are flying directly from the U.S., there’s a good chance that you are going to land in Milan or Rome though you could find some nonstop flights available to Venice and Pisa. If you change planes in Europe or will be flying anywhere within the continent, you can in fact take advantage on smaller airlines especially on the budget carriers that flies from major European cities.

Italy actually covers more than 116,000 square miles and two of the 20 regions are actually islands and travels from the very north to the south and vice versa, which is why flying within Italy will be able to help you in saving time than having to take the train.

Train Travel

The national train system of Italy is in fact the most popular option for the tourists in getting around the country. It is however very important to pre-book for tickets when you will travel during summer time, holidays or during weekends or when you simply can’t be flexible.

Italy actually comes with different high-speed rail options to where you could travel between major cities. There actually are trains which can reach 200 kph/124 mph speeds and there are also which could reach 250 kph/155 mph as well as 360 kph/224 mph.

Rent a Car

Many people in fact are wondering if they should rent a car. If you are just visiting Italian cities, you don’t need to rent a car. There are many cities that have good public transportation and the train systems they have could help you in getting between cities. But if driving a car is your bet, see to it that you have a good GPS.

If in case you were stopped by the Italian police while driving, you will mostly be asked to show your International Driving Permit that can be acquired from the AAA in the U.S. and make sure to bring with you your regular license.

Boat Travel Option

Italy actually have more than 4,000 miles of coastline, making boat travel another option for your Italian vacation.

Through these different amazing options that’s made available for your Italy travel, it can be confusing to know which is best but all are truly worth it.