Car Service in Hamilton: Signs It’s Time to Change the Oil

Auto & Motor / Saturday, August 31st, 2019

Changing the oil in any vehicle is typically going to be a simple process and can be done at virtually any car service hamilton. The fact is, lubricating oil is absolutely essential for a vehicle, and necessary for it to run properly. Clean oil helps to improve a vehicle’s performance, it can help extend the vehicle’s life, and more. However, there are some drivers who are not aware of when it is time for them to invest in this service. Keep reading to learn the signs that it is time to have a vehicle’s oil changed.

The Oil Change or Check Engine Light is On

The most obvious sign that it is time to have a vehicle’s oil changed is if the check engine or oil change light is illuminated. The change oil light is often programmed to come on at specific intervals of time, or when a certain mileage is reached. However, this varies with each vehicle. In more serious situations, the check engine light will come on. This is the way that a vehicle warns the driver of a serious problem, including potential engine failure. Don’t ignore these indications of a problem.

Engine Knocking and Noise

Oil offers a protective layer in between the parts of the engine. It helps to prevent metal-to-metal friction and keeps the engine operating as quietly as possible. If the oil is unable to do its job properly, then engine noise is going to increase. In some serious situations, a person may even begin to hear rumbling or knocking sounds if the engine has started to tear itself apart a little bit at a time due to improper lubrication.

Dirty, Dark Oil

Clean oil is going to be amber in color. Once it has been used, this color is going to change. If a driver notices that the oil is extremely dark and dirty, they are probably past due for an oil change.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by investing in an oil change for any vehicle in a timely manner. Doing so is going to help ensure that the vehicle can continue operating properly. If any of the signs above are seen, be sure to get the vehicle to the shop for service right away.